• Student Jogi Jahnvi Mukeshkumar
  • Code UG190621
  • Faculty Planning
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Kruti Shah
  • TA Prachi Vyas


 The design begins with analyzing the site. Currently, the major use of the site is for vending. Since the street is not designed that way, there are issues that all the stakeholders have to face. Currently, half of the travel lane is being occupied by parking vehicles to sit and enjoy the food. Since this isn’t a primary street it is not an issue for vehicular traffic. So in the design, we are that chunk of the travel lane to give it back to the public. Talking about this whole thing from the vendor's perspective, even though the street is a vending zone they are not being provided with the necessary facilities required for it. There is also this sense of temporariness that is there in the back of their mind. To deal with it I have tried to provide a permanent vending zone that provides all the necessary facilities. Seeing it from the customer's perspective there is this need for the place to sit and enjoy the food. Also as so many customers come by their vehicle and then stop by for the food, the street also requires parking. All these needs of the customers can be satisfied by providing parking nearby food vendors and sitting spaces for them. Basically, this design is an attempt to take a hint of all the small requirements of the people and incorporate those things to create a better experience for the people. Street Oasis can provide an interesting space in the middle of the city.