• Code PID21252
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L4 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Vaibhavi Thakkar Desai,Shailee Trivedi
  • TA Surabhi Motwani


World heritage is something that fascinates every one and the history of the world leaves one curious to know more about it. From historical monuments to heritage buildings, there are many sights in the world that are still visited and are equally liked by people as earlier. Coffee has always been a part of the culture across the globe with different beans in different countries. There are restaurants and cafes inside some famous heritage buildings. ROASTERY AT DIU FORT:   A place where coffee beans are roasted and processed. In addition to offering coffee that is roasted on the premises, these operations often serve pastries, desserts and savouries. Everything is freshly prepared there. Houses all the appliances and machines. Chicory will be a journey of senses, where people will experience coffee through its aroma, sound, texture and taste.