• Student Ananya Varambally
  • Code UG180061
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L3 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Snehal Shah
  • TA Bageshri Thakar,Karan Makwana


The intent of designing the prison is to change the notion of imprisonment. Imprisonment in society is seen as locking up a deviant to punish them for their actions by inflicting pain. Whereas imprisonment is the formal process of keeping an individual in confinement due to their actions that are not socially acceptable. This change in the perception of imprisonment will bring change in designing a prison for convicts. The focus of the prison will be to provide a place for the convicts to serve their time and develop their moral character as well as equip them with new skills to rejoin society. Hence how they spend their time in prison has to be changed. Prison establishes power. As a consequence of their crimes, intimidating them. But, instead of establishing power through the authorities by reinstating punishment, it will instate authority through education and development, reinstating reformation. A shift in power from punishment to reformation.