• Student RAGHUL S
  • Code PLA22270
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L4 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Nikhil Dhar,Priyanka Kanhare
  • TA Yashi Tripathi


The journey started with reading, watching movies, composing haiku, scribbling down random ideas rapidly, sketching several parti diagrams, and doing other explorations to create designs. The most fascinating aspect was the flexibility to design anything that came to mind. After learning multiple approaches to developing designs, it was helpful for us to start our final design (phase 2) with tonnes of ideas and concepts. The intention of phase 2 design is to make barren land a more active and engaging space for the community. The design incorporates a cycling track on multiple levels with a pedestrian pathway underneath, allowing for different levels of activity and accessibility. To enhance the visitor’s experience, a waterbody surrounds the pathway, creating a serene atmosphere, and viewing towers are strategically placed to offer a vantage point on the surrounding context.