• Student Akshith Santosh
  • Code UAR21258
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Shikha Parmar,Manthan Mevada
  • TA Vipul Gupta


 In the future of Jaliyagarh, the lighthouses have risen from the new ground, with columns and arches scavenged from the remains. Adding a touch of history and character to their modern design, the sort of adaptive reuse project also provides structural integrity and stability. Mirador exterior features a blend of contemporary materials and traditional stonework. The columns and arches are made from reclaimed stone. The use of columns and arches continues to create a sense of grandeur and space even within, with the arches dividing the interior into separate sections, each with its own purpose. At the top of the lighthouse, a room awaits one, providing a spectacular view of the existing landscape where the lantern housed in a glass room emits the all-powerful beacon which shines bright and free in the skies of Jaliyagarh. Not just a physical structure but a symbol of the indomitable spirit of those who built it, an enduring legacy that continues to shine bright for generations to come, it serves as a reminder of the profound connection between human ingenuity and the power of nature.