• Code PAD21130
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L4 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Sonal Mithal
  • TA Gazal Nanwani


Architectures are the places where the stories happen. Sometimes exterior influences put an end to the stories and narratives prematurely, but leave the architectures behind. The architectures then serve to house new stories. Stories does not lean to single interpretation rather it can be interpreted in multiple ways. Architecture thus also align with the same idea of multiple interpretation and interconnections. In today’s day and age, a continuum between human, nature and technologies becomes increasingly evident. Architecture provokes many new question. The qaisarbagh is one such complex which showcases these above contingencies. The intent of the design is to create a infrastructure where the interconnection and interdependences of qaisarbagh complex is retrofitted with new public typology to create some new architectural complexities. The Public Typology initiates a new discussion on nature of infrastructure, where they are not only problem solving solutions but are holistic public spaces integrated with the abandoned structures of Qaisarbagh.