• Code PHR22063
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Catherine Desai
  • TA Chinmay Gheware


The lecture is aimed at the building Dept. of Geology building designed by Uttam Jain. It was built in 1981 and is situated on the JNVU Campus, Jodhpur Rajasthan. I’ll be looking at it for its significance in twentieth-century Indian Modern architecture. The study is done in three parts. Part 1 is a selected key text to develop a framework and an understanding of the history of the post-independence period. The book selected is Contemporary Indian Architecture: After the Masters by Vikram Bhatt and Peter Scriver published in 1990. Part 2 is the biography of the building through its construction and analysis drawings. Part 3 is a selected theme connecting the building to the key texts and situating it in twentieth-century Indian architecture. For this lecture, we develop a regional identity for the Dept. of Geology in Modern Indian Architecture through key texts and analysis. Finally, the preparation and delivery of a short lecture.