• Code PAD21435
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L4 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Errol Reubens,Ratna Shah
  • TA Mayuri Gohil


The lungs of the old city, Sardar Bagh, coexist with a children’s traffic park, an AMC parking lot, and an AMC public garden-waste dump yard. It lacks proper infrastructure and restricts the public from making the most of it. Large vehicles access the AMC public garden-waste dump yard through Sardar Bagh’s pedestrian pathways killing pedestrian safety. The children’s traffic park and public parking are hidden within the complex without proper signage. This public realm needs people. The program for the site to reuse the public garden waste for the community’s welfare and learning is suitable. The program is a garden school, where future citizens strengthen their ties with nature, and the city known for its food lovers gets citizens trained in growing their own food. It is a place where the new and old city people meet to learn, to plant, to germinate, and to harvest, bringing the community closer to nature. The project emerges with its unique program, tries to blend with the context architecturally, responds to the immediate context, establishes a symbiotic architecture using elements generated critically, modified, and recomposed. The project intends to add an important green hotspot to the skyline of the entire city.