• Code PAD21217
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L4 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Meghal Arya
  • TA Aakash Jain


The project aims to create a platform that enables children with special needs to acquire sports-related skills while providing them with exceptional water-based sensory experiences. This initiative will benefit not only the children with special needs but also provide a space for social gatherings and sports events for children aged 6-12 in Bhopal and will revitalize the water infrastructure and transform it into a social hub. The intention is to help bridge the gap between dependent and independent children and reduce the societal division between them. As the given site is located in the center of Bhopal, directly opposite the Vidhaan Sabha, it gives it a prominent position. Children with special needs often feel socially excluded and marginalized, so placing a facility for their needs on such a prominent site empowers them and enhances their social status. This not only boosts the confidence and morale of those associated with the institution but also positively impacts passersby. The program’s integration with the site sends a powerful message about inclusion and accessibility. Moreover, the site’s water treatment plant creates a hospitable environment that nurtures a biophilic element naturally. The experience of the existing biophilic elements will be incorporated into the design in order to engage the senses and create an environment that empowers a positive attitude. In order to create a tactile experience for the children with special needs, water sports will be incorporated. The center accommodates a variety of paralympic sports both indoor and outdoor such as archery, shooting, powerlifting, swimming, wheelchair tennis, along with meeting rooms and informal spaces, library.