THE MODERN FOLKLORE- Luxury Clothing Retail Store

  • Code PG190802
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Chirag Doshi
  • TA Surabhi Motwani


Crafting the New Saga for Indian Couture .The design programme is a retail store for Luxury Modern Indian Couture wear. The brand's character is infusion of Indian craftsmanship with Textile Heritage in a Modern Contemporary manner. It is a platform to give Indian craftsmanship encouragement and recognition in the Modern World of Fashion. The luxury store would consist of  pre created designer wear and also give a customer an opportunity to engage with the in-house designer and craftsman to get a customized outfit. The luxury clothing retail store is designed in manner that the customer is navigated through experiential shopping zones. The geometry of the layout articulates the movement and pause points in the store zones. Emphasis on spatial zoning is directed by layering the designed display methods for the apparels .The overall design attempt is to maintain the neutrality of the space so as to generate a gentle backdrop and allow the objects in display to take prominence. Design language of the store revolves around muted theme of the Luxe interiors.    COMPLETE DRAWING SET- FINAL JURY PORTFOLIO LINK-