Conservation of General Post Office, Ahmedabad

  • Code PG190865
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Mrudula Mane,Ashna Patel


In order to preserve and maintain the style of architecture and the education it provides in terms of it’s construction technique and style, it is important that the structure come in contact with the General public. The post office is visited by a number of people daily. It can be that interchanging the functional use of the space it is possible to give the user a visual experience of the heritage building and the premises around. Structural consolidations and some repairs are required with services taken care of for the users, public and post office employees. Also, the structure is hardly seen from the main road which needs to be altered in order that people see and invite themselves out of curiosity. An awareness of the changing times and shift of modes of communication can be depicted. People would like to see the working of the post office as a 'Living Museum'.