Vraj:bhoomi Flagship Store

  • Student Devika Sharma
  • Code UI1217
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Ruchi Mehta
  • TA Misri Patel


Vraj:bhoomi is a women's apparel and accessories boutique based in Ahmedabad. It focusses on the contemporary revival of the craft of Ajrakh. It is dedicated to the cause of creating handcrafted products, working with native Ajrakh craftsmen, usage of sustainable materials and upcycling of waste fabric.The brand is defined by its product's design sensibilities, i.e., flowy silhouettes, vibrant colors, bold patterns and the rawness/ naturalness of the fabric. Hence, the design goal is to create an exclusive destination for selection of its products that helps promote these product features and also communicate other aspects of the brand (i.e., authenticity and sustainability) to the customers.The site chosen for the flagship store is located in the STELLAR complex on SBR road, Ahmedabad.