A Flagship store by LECTRO E-cycles

  • Student Patel Drasti Bipinchandra
  • Code UI0615
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Ruchi Mehta


Presenting a flagship store by LECTRO e-cycles. Lectro is a new brand by HERO cycles. It manufactures e-bikes suitable for urban commute and adventure rides. The store responds to the activities involved in the shopping process of e-bike. The store is divided into merchandise on display and activities associated with it like test ride trail and workshop corner. The brand insists on being technologically advanced. thus the store accommodates technology like VR cycling experience, Augmented reality screens, Holographic video walls to create curiosity and to convey information about the products. The store intends to strongly convey the primary identity of the brand and its product by an installation in the double volume space and inverted cityscape acting as a backdrop for merchandiseClick here to view the portfolio.