The Mysterious Semblance Of A Cave

  • Student Nirja Ketan Gajjar
  • Code UG190964
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Jagrut Raval,Koral Adenwala
  • TA Roma Patadia


Decoding The Poetics Of Space takes inspiration from Gaston Bachelard's book, The Poetics Of Space. This project deals with various metaphors and designing a space for my intimate being. Chasing the "oneiric feeling" of living at a place on the horizon, into a pool of clouds, this cave is located in Sinharaja forest, Sri Lanka. The project deals with two major anti-thesis, one depicting "white" conceptualized as "clear" is not always true, it can be blinding sometimes too (haziness). Secondly, the contrast of materials- the movements of clouds brings lightness inside the cave and contradicts its materiality of being hard.