Deployable Systems - The Colossal Rescue

  • Student Hundlani Rohit Himanshu
  • Code UG191121
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s JAPAN SHAH,Anand Viswanathan
  • TA Silvi Panchal,Umang Lapsiwala


I targetted on designing something which serves for a good cause and is never built before. As we have a record that an average Fire Brigade can reach upto 6 floors but not on the top of a high rise building. This problem branches from the type of mechanism used in the extensions of a fire brigade which is based on Telescopic mechanism. What if we just replace the telescopic mechanism with a suitable scissor mechanism? By doing so, we can reach upto double number floors than previous limit. “The Colossal Rescue” is an extending mechanical arm designed to setup on a fire brigade and help reach upto 12-floors to extinguish fire spread on high-rise tops.