A pavilion near the Banyan tree - Dance Studio

  • Student Anmol Dwigun Patel
  • Code UG190117
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Percy Pithawala,Krishna Shah
  • TA Pranav Rastogi


The pavilion is located near the Banyan tree at Kamati Baug, Vadodara. The design of the dance studio was inspired by one of the space making models depicting the principle of axial-non axial. The design further reflects the journey of a person becoming an independent and successful dancer. The growth of the person is represented by the increase in height of the rehearsal spaces. 
 It is a 'non- building' considering the fact that the rehearsal spaces are made underground and the only visible structure from a distance is thr ramp (elongating the journey of the audience towards the performance space).