KESHAV NI KHATAR - An initiative for a cleaner community

  • Student Shreyanshi Amesh Daftary
  • Code UG191307
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Ramya Ramesh,Harshil Parekh
  • TA Priya Bhadja


The project focuses on the health and hygiene of the community. Poor sanitation heightens the possibility of health diseases that can hamper the productivity of people, therefore leading to social and economic misery. The project is an intervention of a series of spaces leading to community composting to ensure that waste is being utilized efficiently, which is an important factor in maintaining health and hygiene of the community. Proper disposal of waste in order to ensure proper functioning of the composting process will lead to a clean environment addressing the larger aim of maintaining health and hygiene in such a way that would benefit them eventually.