C Space - Connect | Collaborate | Create

  • Code PI000717
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Mili Parekh,Claire Reuter
  • TA Anjali Baby


As the studio brief instructs every student had to pick a community in their own neighborhood of the city that they are living in. The settlement in Film Nagar Basti was chosen, studied and the challenges of the site were mapped. Based on the observation and study the following proposal was developed. Every member belonging to this community is passionate about working in the film industry, their every day starts with waiting at the addas (pick up point) where the respective production house from film studio sends a vehicle to pick up artists while selected people get a chance to work for the day, rest of them return back to home with disappointment of not getting an opportunity. Most of them are daily wage workers, B, C grade junior artists, technicians, set workers, sculptors, production workers, character artists, etc.. C space is a skill-sharing and skill development community center made from shipping containers where people within the community can meet, learn, work with each other and a platform to collaborate in and outside the community to upgrade their skill sets in order to follow their passion The focus is to channelize the co-working spaces with respect to people needs in the community. The project has used elements of color play and comfortable usable spaces to Connect collaborate and create their own identity.