Mruttika - Shaping the future

  • Student RENUKA DANGE
  • Code PG190739
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Mili Parekh,Claire Reuter
  • TA Anjali Baby


The project “Mruttika” is dedicated to the craft sector of India keeping in mind its holistic development. There lies a small potters community named “kumbharwada” in the hustling and bustling heart of the city “Pune”, Maharashtra. Having witnessed the cultural evolution and history over the past 1500 years, they are full of life and character. Seating amidst the dusty roads and skylights around, they hold on to the roots of pottery. Lack of branding leads to tough economic conditions and further leading to shifting in occupation along with an increment in the usage of POP over terracotta, unawareness amongst tourists.