Bin Station - Dustbins For CG Road

  • Student Kushani Mehta
  • Code UG190750
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Gaurang Shah,Amal Shah
  • TA Shikha Mehta


The design exercise started with recollecting the learnings of form explorations, which started with generating forms from a simple cube and understanding them through the visual attributes. The design project started with the selection of an inspiration - Alessi. Then, the visual language of Alessi was understood through its influences and then breaking down its geometry - ratios and proportions. Then, studying the idea of beauty which was emphasized in the company's philosophy.  Product Selection was done on the basis of the company philosophy - dustbins - chosen to beautify the existing bins and make them more exciting. After generating the forms by the concept of Anthropomorphism, a form was selected and then radii manipulation applied to refine the form. Further, material selection was done on the basis of context selection which was CG Road. The final form was chosen to show exaggeration and excitement - also acting as a location marker on CG Road to the people passing-by.