Levetos Chair

  • Student Kinshuk Adeshra
  • Code UG180307
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Gaurang Shah,Amal Shah
  • TA Shikha Mehta


The brief of the project was to design a product inspired by the work of the famous Spanish Architect, Santiago Calatrava. In order to understand the visual language and design principles of Santiago Calatrava, his works were researched and studied thoroughly. While deciphering his design language,the use of cantilevers and tensegrity were prominently seen in his work and explored further. These findings paved paths for the concept of Levetos. The idea was that the user could be perceived as floating in mid-air. The options for the context for the chair was narrowed down to spaces like pool deck areas or office lounges. Using the idea of 2d and 3d radii manipulation, end-forms and principles of perception the final concept was achieved. In the detailing stage of the concept the different manufacturing and CMF possibilities were explored. A digital model of Levetos was then made with help of CAD software to show the overall form from all directions and how it will look with the context. The name ‘Levetos’ comes from idea of levitation which was explored through the design of the chair.