DIROM - A Seating Artefact

  • Student Jayashre B G
  • Code UG180225
  • Faculty Design
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Gaurang Shah,Amal Shah


This seating is designed for a commercial space that is Acropolis mall in Ahmedabad. The concept was that the seating must welcome the user and also direct them through its passage. Thus it has adopted a widened ‘v’ shape, such that the mouth is facing towards the entrance and the vertex is towards the inner passage. The form of the seating is such that it has a directional aspect to it. Thus, highlighting the wide semi open passage through which pedestrians may commute. The seating can be used dynamically as it is accessible from all sides. The base of this artefact has three legs representing the three buildings which make up the commercial space. Inorder to bring a little essence of nature in this heavily manmade environment, the materials used have their rawness emphasized. As the seating is a single piece it is also made into units with different configuration which allow various possible human interaction. Overall the seating is designed for a prompt gathering and resting purposes.