Building Plurality

  • Code UD1416
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Deepa Ramaswamy
  • TA Riddhi Varma


In the project we assume all the land under EWF is within MbPTs domain of ownership and development rights. It however adheres to Mumbai’s DPR and masterplans. MbPT is its own “Special Planning Authority” and responds to the Central Govt., the land under MbPT is notified as Govt. owned “public” land with the ability to change landuse. The docks are notified as CRZ II, however has not received approval for the proposed Marina, citing environmental concerns y the EAC. MbPT currently has an FSI between 1 and 4. Core : Ecology and Economy, turning CRZ into an inclusive policy, while enabling development in methods that open up the EWF to the citizens of Mumbai. Can we turn CRZ rules to be specific towards inclusive development for the city? Can coastal cities grow without the need to consider reclaiming land from the water? The project considers the princess dock land to be turned into an “Ecotopia” considering economic and ecologically futures (which should/need not be antithetical). Considering the current proposal for EWF