Arzoo Gaming Arena

  • Student Jain Naman Lalit
  • Code UI4717
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Ramesh Patel,Vishal Joshi


The following project is the proposal for the in trend mobile game PUBG. The gaming arena allows one too physically play in the TDM zone from the game. The journey starts from the entrance reception table where users are provided with a number of bands. The users are then guided towards the café. After the waiting, they head to the cloakroom where they keep their belongings, and then to the changing area on the first floor.
 In the whole experience of concentration, communication, happiness and frustration, the joy of winning, the pain of losing, learning from mistakes and then going back with memories, the materials used played an important role. To express such mixed feelings, the Kota flooring gave a hard base to walk on while the tapestry such as leather on sofa gave comfortable seating. The contrast of Ms sheet storage with wooden swings to open gave a feel of roughness through the texture. The recreation of changing room from the map of Vikendi, while using the materials like exposed concrete for the element furniture and the smooth tough turf-based flooring in the arena zone. 
All contribute to the joy of learning from mistakes and coming back stronger with the whole squad.
For the reference Portfolio Spring 
Arzoo Gaming Arena by namanjain - issuu