• Student Sheth Dhruvi Akshay
  • Code UI1617
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Errol Reubens,Ratna Shah
  • TA Advait Patel


An old industrial building which sits in close proximity to the airport and is enormously huge and seems almost immeasurable is transformed into a Design Museum. The core idea of the design is to create an experience of a terrain and a journey which is loop like which goes up and down and creates a circle. The journey would begin from the belly of the earth which is from the underground, part of it happens at the ground level and then the person would be continuously redirected and made to move up and down and in a labyrinthine manner encountering different openings, double heights, cutouts and twists of movement. The masses are on stilts and are placed away from the site wall a continuous path is created in between these masses which allows interaction with the site at different levels and gives a different experience to users of experiencing site from all levels.