Metal sculptor's residency

  • Student Patani Pruthviraj Bharatkumar
  • Code UI2815
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Errol Reubens,Ratna Shah


 NC Mills is an industrial building close to Naroda Airport Road, which used to manufacture cotton fabric. It is surrounded by other industrial buildings and residential units. The built-form from the outside appears heavy and full of mass, while from the inside it appears porous, huge, light, and raw with a rustic appeal. It has a metal structure internally which helps cover larger spans. The large span interior volume feels like a floating mass exaggerated by the roof and its north light openings. 
 A mill used to have a lot of production happening, so the impressions of the site were work in-process and with rustic interior surfaces. This suggested to me, that “why not convert this into a workplace for sculpture, where the space converts into a creative place surrounded by nature and silence. My thoughts came from the fact that people prefer to reside near a river because the basic need of water is fulfilled, similarly for a metal sculptor, the basic requirement is material where waste metals such as copper, iron, aluminium, etc. are found close by at a low cost”. These materials are found easily in areas such as Naroda, Delhi Darwaja, Kalupur, Prem Darwaja, Dariyapur, Tawdipura, Dudheshwar, Rakhiyal, Vatva, GIDC areas, which are in close proximity to the site, from which a sculptor can make sculptures. 
 If we make a sculptors’ residency here, it could help them produce their work and also avail of the easy access to all the required materials available nearby. They could produce work on whatever scale from small to large as per their requirements.
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