ROYANT'E - (runway fashion house)

  • Student Pushti Shah
  • Code UI7216
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Errol Reubens,Ratna Shah


The textile mills were the major starting point for development of Ahmedabad. Although it is no longer considered the Manchester of the East, even today, it is still well known for its assortment of textiles. The purpose of my program is, to bring Ahmedabad back on the Indian map, as a City of Fashion, from where people can showcase their knowledge, and also find their own identity. The main purpose is to attract the world of fashion and glamour to Ahmedabad, which already produces world class denim and where a lot of established designers thrive. This would produce a lot of budding designers that would create more related opportunities in our city. Even though we have world class institutes Like NID and NIFT teaching fashion industry related courses, and many well known designers like Shyamal & Bhumika, Bhavin Trivedi & Darshi Shah, Monsoon, Neha Kodwani, Bandhej, Studio Virtues and a lot more who have the capacity to take part in fashion shows but can’t in our city as we lack space in Ahmedabad to showcase it The main intention of this programme is to provide a space for the fashion fraternity that is dedicated wholly and permanently to fashion and its couture