Spectrum of Building Regulations & Related Cost

  • Code PG190562
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Sejal Patel,Amruta Patel


The housing strategy studio aims to formulate a citywide housing strategy for all income groups for the Surat city. For that, analysis has been done in three phases. We studied the prevailing scenario of housing in Surat city in terms of demand & supply, housing shortage, envisioning the future, spatial, demographic, economic growth patterns, etc. For this sub-strategy, the objective is to audit the regulations and to enable the markets to augment choices across the entire segment and at a lowered prices in each segment. To change regulation we can change two components by Reducing the land capital on a price of a unit and by increasing the FSI the same land price will be spread over more built-up areas And the second in cost of construction price by using alternative building construction techniques and sustainable building materials. The other two components are cumulative of improving the delivery of service land to the market and second is optimizing transaction process and cost in the conversion of land to build. From the primary survey of the city of Surat 35% is the price of land because of higher land capital on a price of a unit, 10% is the transaction cost, 30% is the construction cost, and remaining is developers' profit. The idea is for the lowest segment of 15 lakhs were the developers are not interested in entering the market, so in this segment by changing the regulations, the developers are now incentivized to enter into this segment. The studio consists of five enabling and eight provisionary strategies with an institutional framework and capital investment plan for the vision of a housing strategy for 2035.