Station de collusion _New way of Working

  • Student Neel Amrishbhai Patel
  • Code UI6014
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Mohammedayazkhan Pathan
  • TA Rajkumar Dindor


Studio Brief: Design a co-working space for the Professional in the Field of Architecture and Construction Industry. the program will incorporate a studio for professionals working in the three different scale of the project in the construction field, such as Interior design, Architecture, Urban planner, Structure Engineer, Furniture designer, Art designer. Station de collusion _New Way of Working:The office culture promotes “casual collision” between Different Practicing Professionals in the field of Architecture and Construction Technology. Each workspace is designed to stimulate creativity and ultimately encourage social interaction. The Different Profession can subvert their individual identities and merge to create a new Working Platform. The two forms can retain their individual identities and share the interlocking portion of their volumes. The two forms can separate and be linked by the third element that recalls the geometry of one of the original forms.
Studio Process Portfolio: