Tracing the Wetness

  • Code PLA20289
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Anjali Jain,Divya Shah
  • TA Raakesh Gandhi,Vivin Shankar


Moist deciduous teak type | Tectona- Dillenia- Lagerstroemia Lanceolata- Terminalia Paniculata Series | Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary, Northern Western Ghat
Water manifested in the many forms of wetness is the lifeline of the forest, so the junction between the springs, streams, rivers & the forest form a very dynamic system with high moisture content and rich biodiversity. These serve as the corridor for the movement of flora and fauna. The pause points act as indicators of wetness, junctions to create an experience along with the riparian habitat, while also protecting the fragile ecosystems associated with it. Here, the journey is to experience the essence of water in different forms, sometimes in its original form, sometimes in the soil, and sometimes in the air. There is always a possibility of expanding and re-establishing the forest and its components along these systems and water protecting the fragile core ecosystem.