Community Oriented Architecture in Schools

  • Student Shannon Maria
  • Code UG180562
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Mitesh Panchal,Anagha Joshi
  • TA Harsh Chauhan


Blurring the borders between the teachers, students and the community; The design focuses on creating a memorable schooling experience with its user groups. It also incorporates a nearby  government school into consideration, an additional symbolism to co-existence and co-learning. 
The design is resolved by connecting traditional Kerala pitched roof architecture and thereby forming a sequential mass and void  layout. The design was developed keeping in mind the importance of creating experiential spaces for user interactiveness.
This is an extroverted approach to beyond schooling, one which encourages a certain permeability with the community, one that draws students and members of the community into the school just as much the school encourages its students to interface outward.