• Student Dhyan Utpalkumar Patel
  • Code UG190400
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Kruti Shah
  • TA Aakash Jain


Transit Mohalla provides a well planned shelter for the people focusing on the needs by providing the best facilities possible in the minimum amount of budget and time. The design focuses on a modular system which can be arranged as per requirement of the specific group of family so that it helps it to sustain and work best in any kind of transit housing across the country. The provision and planning of the camp is done keeping in mind the users along with their participation in designing by the help of multiple board game activities organized by the designers. The overall design is done by keeping in mind the climate and context of the city at which it is developed with inclusion of systematically designed urban elements in the surroundings, providing a proper drainage system, good road networks, multiple public spaces and provision of all such things in the neighborhood of transit camps adds more value to the overall site. Detailed Portfolio