Udaan | Unblock

  • Student Aryan Choudhury
  • Code UG190204
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Kruti Shah
  • TA Aakash Jain


Initial idea is to design a shelter which will thoroughly respond to the site conditions and accommodate various functional daily necessities which will improvise the living conditions of the people who are going to reside in this entity. Idea of building a temporary shelter by keeping in mind certain requirements which will be necessary and will be easily to build within less time frame. Emphasizing on the form choice which is not too complex and which is basically practically to build and which follows the overall rule of space dynamics. Certain design iterations where kept in mind to bring in the idea of foldable transit kits. Which can be easily transformed and structured into a basic structure and avail certain other functions as well. Choice of material will be considered in terms of its resistance to the hot climatic conditions. Use of timber for the instance will act as a barrier against harsh hot climate and overall weight bearing of the structure will be considered by various steel frame work.   Link to the full portfolio is here and to the Website