Quintessence of the Nikol Gaam

  • Student Varad Ajay Bang
  • Code UG180649
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Puneet Mehrotra,Juzar Lanewala


Located in the outskirts of Ahmedabad, lies the village of Nikol. Like most villages, Nikol Gaam has sprung up around a water body, Nikol Talaav. The talaav is an octagonal shaped lake/ water reservoir, built along the natural formation, created by the flow of water. This pattern could be traced by the selective density of vegetation found around the edges of the lake. Various natural formations and patterns on the site were identified, such as the emergence of activity around a water body, the formation of a dense growth along the flow of water, and the inviting shade provided by a large tree. These patterns were then applied and developed along the site to create new centres, bustling with activity. The project aims to enhance the life at Nikol Talaav through the creation of new centres : a public hall, a canteen, a garden, and a public courtyard.