• Student Muskaan Mansuri
  • Code UG180370
  • Faculty Planning
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Mehrnaz Amiraslani,Jinto V George


Ambli village is located in Dhandhuka Tehsil of Ahmadabad district in Gujarat, India. This village has both traditional as well as modern characteristics in it’s architecture. With a lake on the edge of the village, this village has significant temples, in and around its periphery. Surrounded by areas like Bopal and Vikramnagar, the village has great potential for growth and even acquiring more commercial role . Surrounding Ambli, there are existing and upcoming small and medium scale commercial complexes. My vision for Ambli focuses on reviving it’s economy and banks on it’s strategic central location in the area. I believe Ambli’s identity can change into a market space, attracting costumers from the area and even wider surroundings. The vendors and shopkeepers of Ambli and the ones who come to Ambli offer variety of products: food, clothing, footwear, vegetables. The existing vendors visit on particular days and spend the whole day in Ambli, they have fixed timing and days of week. Once I identified potentials of vendors and both their needs and needs of the whole village, I decided my proposal would intervene by creating a market street with strong village character. This intervention would help the village generate revenue as well as create opportunities for profits by making it a business model.