• Student Moryada Swargari
  • Code UD2217
  • Faculty Planning
  • Unit L2 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Mehrnaz Amiraslani,Jinto V George


The project deals with multiple stakeholders associated, I have imagined an alignment between these stakeholders or representatives. In Ambli, everyone is an owner and the way they claim their ownership is distinguishable. There are interdependencies between women and family members, between landowners and AMC and other similar connections that I tried to compliment through this project.My proposal builds on the potential I saw in womens’ working from home and my vision to assist them through an appropriate strategy and design that ensures efficient economic output and a comfortable working environment for them. I have proposed an armature of working, learning, and producing spaces all connected with a backbone of open spaces and streets. ‘Udgam’ helps women develop better social connections among themselves by providing peaceful gathering chowks for them and their kids. It takes advantage of such a network to build an interdependent working economic system consisting of learning, working, and storing spaces, that benefits women all as one. The project therefore not only empowers women and accommodates kids, but also provides Ambli with a stronger economy in return.