Project: Sports Complex at Vadodara

  • Student Rudra Dhaduk
  • Code UG180523
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s Dipsha Shah,Dipen Mehta
  • TA Riddhi Gediya


After completing this studio, I have learnt a great deal about plumbing, by doing the exercises of this course. The first exercise helped me to observe different systems present in my house, while helping me to understand the basics of plumbing. The second exercise helped me to understand many topics in depth, that are relevant to plumbing. Working on the Individual project was great experience, as it allowed us to understand the challenges faced while designing plumbing of any project. We also got great experience of designing plumbing of a project. This project helped us get different ideas about solutions to problems faced while designing a plumbing system. Designing the plumbing gave me a great understanding about plumbing. The Revit models that were made helped us visualize, how the actual plumbing would look like. It also help me realize some errors made by me while designing the plumbing in excel. It also help me come up with new solutions to problems in order to design a better plumbing system. I also learnt a new software that was not aware about. Finally the last exercise made me familiar with the plumbing related problems that are present in the market today. I was able to understand fluid mechanics in a better way, by completing my project. It also boosted my problem solving ability, while completing the project.