Flower Drops Pvt. Ltd. - An Edible oil manufacturing co.

  • Student Shah Parth Rakesh Bhai
  • Code UC4517
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s Devanshu Pandit,Keyur Shah
  • TA Ruta N.patel


This studio ‘Project planning and controlling for Industrial Projects’ teaches and widens our understanding and knowledge in project management field. Studio commences with setting up 3 different industries of Corrugated Box manufacturing, edible oil manufacturing and refining industry and Herbicide plant with given production per day in kadi, GIDC Vatva and Bavla SEZ respectively. Our learning starts with market study of allotted industry followed by making organization chart of project, identifying risks, constraints and stakeholders involved in the project. It also defined roles and responsibilities of each person which is involved in the project. Then next is work breakdown structure of feasibility, procurement, basic and detail engineering, construction, commissioning, closing and handling over. The next goes on feasibility study of location, construction, market demand, product, finance, etc. Going from whole to part, next comes value engineering and cost analysis of component i.e. partition wall, roofing, etc. learning rate analysis and per unit cost of that activity comes under it. And last thing that comes under scope of view of client is contracting strategy of the project. After learning controlling and planning of project the second half of studio deals with scheduling of project. Starting with time taken to establish the project and continuing whole to part approach in the same ends with time taken to complete an activity. Number of pairs of labor which is required to execute that activity is incorporated. Also, requirement of resources (labor, material and TEP) is identified and known. Whenever there is a delay how to deal with crashing of activities so that project planned finish date can be reached on time is learned. Throughout this studio we learnt some software skills like Microsoft project 2013, Microsoft Visio, lucid chart, etc. Overall, this studio teaches you a whole to part approach of an industrial project from acquiring a piece of land till profit margin of your product.