• Code UC1416
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s Reshma Shah,Devanshu Pandit,Bhargav Tewar,Paresh Shah,Ganesh A. Devkar,Abhi Jhaveri,Project Training


Project training has been a prospect to enhance my potential and skills as an upcoming engineer and an individual. The training has widened my overall perspective about construction as an industry. The brilliant experiences have helped me lean a step forward towards the colossal that awaits me.
I take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped me during this training. I thank MR.Rajesh.Asati for getting through the approval for the training and Mr. K.Samy , project manager for being a guide all through.
I express sincere thanks to Mr. Guru Raja.K, Mr. Thaneesh S Shree and MR.Suthar who have been constant guides and for being an inevitable part of my learning experience.
My thanks to our project training co-coordinators, prof. Bhargav Tewar, prof. Devanshu Pandit and Mrs. Reshma Shah for their guidance and their timely reviews that have been helpful in improving my work time and again.
I also thank to our TA Devashish Soni for constant support every time we needed