Synergy: Interlinking the neighborhoods of Mahavir Nagar

  • Student Kanabar Drashti Dhirendra
  • Code UA2417
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Sachin Soni
  • TA Netra Bafna


The concept of synergy applies to the idea of merging the two different neighborhoods in Mahavir Nagar which are on opposite sides of the same street. This station envisions bringing together both these socially and financially distinct groups by creating common experiences. The station is heavily inspired by the streets of Bombay. There are streets connecting the supermarket, shops, food court just like on any street of Bombay giving a very familial feel of that of a railway station which is intended to make the user comfortable in new surroundings. These streets lead into the central atrium with spaces for the NGO to function- the chowk. Combining goodwill and capitalization, the station becomes a miniature system model of what Bombay feels like.