Reimagining Confluence: Every Piece Matters

  • Code PG180463
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Unit L4 Studio Unit
  • Tutor/s Sandip Patil


Koteshwar stream feeds Sabarmati river in the North of ahmedabad. In present times it has been neglected and is being treated as a nala as all the institutional and commercial building has faced their backs towards it and are letting sewage water flow into the stream. This nala is letting the back water flow into Sabarmati. The fabric includes Koteshwar Gam and Motera. The site is a rich habitat of aquatic avifauna and various faunas such as nilgai. The project reimagines the confluence of the stream and river to redevelop the community perspective about image of the stream and aims at integrating ecological, physical and socio-cultural layers. It would include amalgamation of community participation so that the identity is recovered and making of a place whose identity is achieved by designing the confluence and socially, culturally and ecologically giving the society an infrastructure that people take ownership of and with the interventions like eco-confluence the sensitivity flux that has been lost compared to most rural areas like Bokh where the water stream is worshiped can be restored. This would in return eventually change perspectives of people to acknowledge a stream in the society.
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