• Student Aanchal Ashok Tejwani
  • Code UG190010
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Yatin Pandya
  • TA Parshva Palkhiwala


The KARGIL WAR MEMORIAL intends to highlight the aspect of a line/boundary with respect to a river originating from the Suru Valley of Kargil as a natural demarcation of a Border or Sarhad with a notion of crossing over the river and reflecting back towards the journey. The idea was to not disturb the landscape but bring a sense of neutral appreciation to question that do we actually need wars? Does warfare conflicts with nature? 
The memorial stands as an emotionally charged campus amidst a nature dominated setting ascribing various spatial qualities with meaningful roles in relation to the theme. Linearity plays a prominent role in the memorial with axial placement of the Tiranga flag post that becomes a constant focal point in each phase of the journey, however there are various stages to reach that point. The return journey involves a much smooth cross over that culminates with a descend back to the ground from where the journey started.