Intermediate Public Transport

  • Code PG190844
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Shalini Sinha,Nitika Bhakuni


The strategic transportation plan for Rajkot was a part of the studio spring 2020 to understand urban mobility planning and process involved. The studio framework was divided into three levels, which includes a review of existing transportation plan across India and abroad along with some of the literature reviews, field visit and recommendations for the project taken. The objective was to learn different methodologies involved in the existing situation analysis. It also helps students in gaining insights of proposal formulation. The strategic plan preparation involved analyzing the socio-economic characteristics of the city with the present travel pattern, forecasting travel demand for the planning horizon, integrating transport options with land use structure, developing alternative scenarios for sustainable transport based on growth projections, working out a strategic plan that is economically, socially, environmentally and technologically sustainable and in sync with the development plan, and suggesting an implementation framework for the proposed projects/interventions with costing, financing and phasing.