The Urban Plot : The NEW GENERIC

  • Code UA5017
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Deval Gandhi,Rohit raj Mehndiratta
  • TA Krishna Parikh


Through different exercises Using different mediums of representing my association with the neighbourhood. which were based on our values, memories, understanding and building a narrative. Based on this information I had to see what kind of program is needed and can influence the neighbourhood in well. In my neighbourhood, there is a stark contrast of newly constructed high-rises versus the low-rises and People around the surrounding wants to change there atmosphere, they want to have certain individuality. The houses adjacent to the streets have that relation of getting engaged in certain activities, always be part of it, but the highrises are taking away the character of the same matter. There are certain layers which are forming this environment, like the pedestrians, the gathering spaces which forms activities, green elements, And all of these patterns and relationships with elements, typology and activity establishes Informality, brings diversity and helps to generate thresholds and smooth transitional spaces. Hence I got an impression of, what if every person can change and have that character that they can play with, modify it? And what if the Monotonous housing breaks into each having the separate language that they might want to express? so, The idea of Affordable Incremental housing came into the picture, where the people have the power to change their environment and can customise according to their needs, they can addon they might want to rent it out, they can expand certain part of their houses, they can have a garden, sitting spaces, they can even have the flexibility of changes or converting a space into a small commercial extension of the house, etc. this way they can have a contemporary incremental housing scheme which is for all.