Anchoring revitalization of Kotwali Street, Mathura

  • Student PARAG MISHRA
  • Code PG180652
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Narendra Mangwani,Purvi Bhatt,Umesh Shurpali


Mathura is situated along the western edge of River Yamuna. The holy city is known for the birthplace of Lord Krishna. It lies in the Ganga -Yamuna Doab region. Yamuna, being a perennial river, holds religious importance. The city is a pilgrim centre for Buddhists and the jains which are associated with Lord Krishna. Where Hriday scheme is focused towards the old city of Mathura which includes Kishna Janmbhoomi, Chatta Bazaar street & Vishram ghat. These areas are the most important pilgrims visited area and have religious importance. But apart from that there is an important axis – Kotwali Road which origins from Krishna Janmbhoomi and leads to the Ghats which is the interface axis between old city and new city of Mathura. The axis has important anchor points which is the gateway to the walled city and there are two railway line passes through it. The Project aims at the urban transformation of interface axis through its anchor points. Major issues identified lost identity of heritage structures, illegal settlements, dilapidated structures, encroachment due to built form and congestion due to vending – hawking activity around the important heritage buildings which will be looked at. The Project aims to preserve heritage structure, enhance tourist and resident’s experience.