Elements of Urban Design Portfolio

  • Student CHARU KUMARI
  • Code PG190229
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Tapan Shah,Vipuja Parmar,Mariana Paisana,Brijesh Bhatha


This portfolio is the culmination of works during the Element of Urban Design studio over a period of 4 months and explores, as the name suggests various components of Urban design through various tools. The studio started off by analyzing and illustrating the existing urban elements- buildings, streets, open spaces, and urban blocks- both in the context of India and abroad through large urban design drawings. The second part of the studio comprised a week exercise of identifying an urban issue in the neighborhood and proposing an intervention for the same - collaborating with French exchange students. The studio was concluded with a design proposal for a public space in the area of Vastrapur, Ahmedabad with an objective to address a variety of complex issues and propose conceptual strategies to improve the public spaces. The proposal delves into the issue of isolated and dysfunctional public spaces around us and attempts to suggest a solution by creating a foreground for these spaces to interact with each other.