Elements of Urban Design

  • Code PG190151
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Tapan Shah,Vipuja Parmar,Mariana Paisana,Brijesh Bhatha


The study aims to understand the basic elements that form the core of the study of any urban context. These elements are seen through the lens of the role they play in creating, shaping or designing an urban scene. Buildings, streets, open spaces and urban block are defined as the key elements that contribute towards moulding the character of any urban setting. The elements are first understood by analyzing certain prime examples that represent these elements. The methodology follows perusing and representing the three-dimensional framework of the selected examples with respect to their surroundings and each of their unique setting, or properties that have defined and shaped the character of the space. Further, the analysis and understanding of these key elements are applied to develop strategies and intervene at an urban scale design problem.