Adhi-CAR-: Reclaiming Streets for Pedestrian Use

  • Student Arundhati Hakhu
  • Code UG180079
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Sahiba Gulati,Bhagyasshree Ramakrishna
  • TA Mallika Gupta


Access to private vehicles diminishes as one goes from higher income groups to lower income groups, and in India, ownership of private vehicles largely lies with men. As a result of this, women from low income groups are forced to work at places which are close to their homes and thus, can be reached on foot. This restriction of places of work to areas within walking distance significantly reduces their radii of opportunity.
The project recognises access to private vehicles as a function of gender and economic status, and understands the impact of the lack of access to mobility on women’s access to public space and opportunities, and thus, their right to the city. To improve women’s access to public spaces and opportunities, this project tries to bring about reforms in public infrastructures, by designing them specifically to make women’s negotiations with spaces outside their homes easier than they currently are.