Neo Panvel

  • Student DIVYA ARVIND
  • Code PG190304
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Utkarsh Patel,Amit Gotecha,Jignesh Mehta,Harsh Bhasin


This publication is a cumulation of work done during the third semester of “Urban Expansion and Regeneration Planning Studio”. The main part of the studio focused on developing a Town planning Scheme for New Panvel, located in Navi Mumbai. The town planning scheme of New Panvel is developed in a group of 4 with special projects developed at an individual scale. While developing a Town Planning Scheme for New Panvel, various methods of urban planning were explored and were allowed to use unconventional methods of planning. To begin with, a comprehensive study of Navi Mumbai was conducted to study the current site scenario. A detailed study was conducted to study various elements and layers of New Panvel. Furthermore, based on the understanding of the city, in a group of 4 a detailed town planning scheme was developed based on a common vision.