Towards A Less Polarised City

  • Student Vidhi Parmar
  • Code UD3917
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Prasanth Narayanan,Tulika nabar Bhasin
  • TA Srirang Sohoni,Gokul Kalaimathi k


The planning system in Mumbai has been oriented towards servicing the elite developments, as opposed to redistributing benefits in an equitable manner. As a result, Mumbai has people living in extremely opposite conditions. The city planning has been preoccupied only with land use zoning, land reservations, floor space indices (FSI) and building bye-laws, and remained largely indifferent to infrastructure provisions that are affected by land development: flood control, pollution control, environmental health. Our site within Mumbai is Andheri- a pivotal transit node providing a point of interchange between suburban and metro.In the free design, i have tried to address them.